Pilgrim’s Health

For your safety

The first aid kit must be prepared before the day of sacrifice in case of emergency situations.
Minor Wounds:
  • ​​Washing hands to avoid infection.
  • Changing bandage or tape daily.
  • Apply a sterile bandage or clean cloth to the wound area and apply pressure to the wound.
You should go to the emergency room if:
  • Redness, swelling, or pain increased.
  • The wound continues to bleed.
  • There is another foreign body in the wound.
  • Having a special health condition, such as diabetes, etc.
Deep Wounds and Heavy Bleeding:
  • ​Do not remove the sharp object embedded in the body or try to clean the wound until help arrives.
  • Place a sterile bandage or clean cloth over the wound and apply firm pressure to the area until help arrives.
  • In case of amputation, place the amputated part in a clean bag and then into a bowl of cold water and ice.
  • Immediately transport the amputated and injured part to the hospital.​

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