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Health guidelines when shaving during Hajj
​Some pilgrims and Umrah performers use razors that were used by other people before them. As a result of that, they contract several infectious diseases transmitted through the blood, the most dangerous of which are hepatitis viruses of types (b) and (c). To avoid this, it is advised to follow these guidelines:
  1. Each pilgrim and Umrah performer must use his personal tools (such as: a razor or a razor) once, and then dispose of them in the designated place.
  2. Choose an authorized barber and stay away completely from street and sidewalk barbers.
  3. Remind the barber to wash his hands thoroughly with soap and water before shaving or cutting.
  4. Ensure that the person who shaves applies safety standards and protects pilgrims from transmission of infection, such as:
      • Wear gloves and change them after each pilgrim.
      • Use a special shaving cap (jacket) for each pilgrim and dispose of it properly in closed containers.
      • Regular cleaning and disinfection of multi-use tools (such as: barber chairs, especially armrests) and shaving tools (such as: combs, brushes, etc.)
   5. Use razors (with a handle) only, which are used for one time, and avoid sharing the use of any other types, including razor handles, in which the razor blade is changed after each person.
   6. Avoid sharing tools with others (eg: hair removal tools).
   7. Avoid crowds at shaving places as much as possible.

Last Update : 21 June 2023 02:12 PM
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