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General Guidelines for Personal Hygiene During Hajj

  1. Always keep your hands clean by washing them with soap and water (unperfumed during Ihram) or with an alcohol-based sanitizer:
    • Before and after preparing and eating food.
    • After using the toilet.
    • After sneezing or coughing.
    • After touching the trash.
    • After completing all rituals and returning to the place of residence.
   2. Avoid contact with anyone showing respiratory symptoms.
   3. Make sure to wear a mask, especially in overcrowded rituals.
   4. Commit yourself to the etiquette of coughing and sneezing, using tissues or the upper arms when they are not available.
   5. Use personal tools (such as hairbrushes and face towels) and not to share them with others.
   6. Wash daily, especially after completing each ritual.
   7. Change clothes daily and wear comfortable cotton clothes.
   8. Use special shaving tools when exiting the state of ihram, and do not share them with others.
   9. Ensure oral and dental hygiene.
  10. Clean the residence and surfaces that are touched daily.
  11. Garbage and leftover food cannot be thrown on the street and disposing of it in the containers designated for it.

Last Update : 21 June 2023 03:09 PM
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