Pilgrim’s Health

Falling Down

Anyone can fall, but older people are more likely to fall, especially if they have a chronic health problem.
What should a pilgrim do if he/she falls?
  • If you fall, it is important to remain calm. If you don't get hurt and feel strong enough to stand up, don't stand up too quickly.
  • Roll your hands and knees to find a stable piece of furniture, such as a chair.
  • Hold on to the furniture with both hands to support yourself, and when you feel ready, stand up slowly, sit down and rest a bit before continuing with your activity.
Avoiding falling during Hajj:
  • Wearing suitable, well-fitting shoes that support the ankle.
  • Take care of your feet by regularly trimming your toenails and consulting a general practitioner or a podiatrist about any foot problems.
  • Avoid collision when being in crowded places.
  • Getting help doing things you can't do safely on your own.
  • Do not walk on slippery floors with socks.
Attention: When there are balance disorders or poor vision and hearing, it is necessary to use medical aids such as a cane, wheelchairs, eyeglasses and stethoscopes to avoid falling and its complications.​

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