Premarital Screening


A premarital screening is an examination performed on couples about to get married to detect some hereditary blood diseases, as well as some contagious diseases. Detecting these diseases helps the couple get medical advice on the probability of passing these diseases to each other or their offsp​ring. This gives them options and alternatives to help them plan a healthy family.​

Service Prerequisites:
No prerequisites, but you shall submit your national ID, in addition to the other partner’s ID and date of birth.

How to Get the Service?
You can get the service through registration via «Sehhaty» Platform, or 937-Call Center.

Schedule Your Appointment now via «Sehhaty» Platform

Estimated Response Time:
It varies from one channel to another, but the appointment can be scheduled instantly and electronically.

How to Get the Screening Results?
  • If both spouses are healthy, a compatibility certificate is issued for them. They receive a text message that includes the certificate number, and a link to inquire about it. 
  • If the results of either spouse are positive, a text message is sent informing them that an appointment must be made at the counseling clinic. After the couple attends the counseling, and follows the necessary preventive measures necessary, the certificate is issued and sent via SMS. 

Cases in Which the Lab Cannot Conduct a Test:
  • More than seven days have passed since the blood sample was drawn,
  • The blood sample was kept at an inconvenient temperature, 
  • The drawn blood sample decomposed, 
  • The barcode on the sample is unclear or incomplete, 
  • The amount of blood is insufficient or not proportional to the amount of anticoagulant in the tube.
A message shall be sent to outpatients to notify them that their sample was rejected and recommend they visit the screening center to have a new blood sample drawn. 

What to Do If the Results Showed Compatibility/Incompatibility?
  • Both spouses are healthy:  Compatible results - compatibility certificate gets issued.  
  • One or both spouses:  Incompatible results - couple get referred to counseling clinics for medical advice. 
Service Fees:
It is free.

Help and Contacts:
You can contact us via 937-Call Center to book an appointment, submit any complaints, or ask for help.

Alternative Channels for Providing the Service:
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