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Governmental Health Centers Directory
The aim of this service is to search for all governmental health centers in the Kingdom using a variety of search criteria, showing the search results for the user to find out information about the health center, address, and contact method. Here are the details of the service: 
  • This service is available without a login name and password.
  • Users can search for the health center by using it's information, as follows:  
    • The region. 
    • The name of the health center, where users can search for it by using any word mentioned in it. 
    •  After entering the search information, the following results will appear :    
      • Name of center
      • Address. 
      • Phone. 
    • Search results will be divided into pages, in case there are more than 20. 
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Kindly note the following:
  • There is no fee for this service.
  • This service is available only in Arabic.
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