First Aid

Head Injuries

Head Injuries

Types of Injuries:

  • Concussion: May cause blurry vision or even loss of vision and balance for a short period of time.
  • Skull fracture: Bruises or bumps on the head may be a sign of deeper internal damage.
  • Cerebral Contusion: Mild bleeding within the brain that can cause swelling of the surrounding brain tissue.


First Aid Measures:

Do's (√):

  • Keep the injured person calm by offering constant reassurance and help them sit down.
  • Place an ice pack on the injured area, for example you can use: A bag of frozen vegetables
  • Closely monitor and watch for changes in the patient's behavior or level of alertness, for example: Check for responsiveness by asking the patient simple questions or by asking them to follow simple instructions.
  • Stay with the patient and make sure there are no signs of bleeding.
  • If the patient exhibits symptoms, such as vomiting more than twice, drowsiness, slurred speech, or blurry vision, you should contact the Red Crescent immediately.


Don'ts (X):

  • Don't apply pressure over bleeding scalp wounds.
  • Don't touch any of the patient's wounds to prevent infections.
  • Don't move the patient's neck, and wait for medical assistance.


Return to the emergency room in case of:

  • Persistent vomiting.
  • Worsening headaches.
  • Facing difficulties waking up from sleep.

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