FAQs on the Elderly

Is early examination for osteoporosis included in the comprehensive examination of the elderly?

Yes, osteoporosis is one of the most prevalent diseases among the elderly as a result of physical changes that occur with age, where bones lose their strength and stiffness and are more susceptible to fractures, which complications can lead to complete disability and sometimes death.
During the comprehensive examination of the elderly, the question is asked about the examination for osteoporosis and whether it was done before or not, and then the doctor writes a referral for people who did not do the examination and directs them to the primary healthcare centers where the examination is available. Ministry of Health has provided Dexa devices in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom to conduct Early detection of fragility, as well as early detection of fragility service is available in women's and children's health clinics located in malls in some areas.
The service is also available through mobile clinics for peripheral and desert areas.
The examination is repeated every 6 months for people with osteoporosis, every 2 years for people with pre-osteoporosis, and every 5 years for healthy people.​

Last Update : 10 November 2022 01:35 AM
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