FAQs on the Elderly

Who are the elderly? Why is the Ministry of Health concerned with this category of society?

The elderly are people aged 60 years and over, including men and women, and they constitute a significant percentage of the total population, as they are expected to constitute one sixth of the world’s population by the year 2030. In Saudi Arabia, the proportion of the elderly is 5.5% of the total population, and their number is expected to rise gradually with quality of life and advanced healthcare.
This category represents an important segment of society, as they are the mainstay of the family in the Kingdom. They carry out voluntary work and are active contributors to societal renaissance. They sacrificed their youth to serve their society. Therefore, Ministry of Health gave them special attention and provided them with all health services that help them maintain their health.

Last Update : 10 November 2022 12:49 AM
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