Assistant Agency for Supply and Contracts

  1. Supplying the MOH's procurement needs of materials, medical and non-medical devices, as well as concluding service contracts in a timely manner with the best price and high quality.
  2. Following up the work performance at health regions and provinces; in order to ensure that supply procedures are carried out in accordance with regulations.
  3. Following up the application and development of the supply departments’ automated system at each of the MOH and health regions and provinces, in collaboration with the Information Technology General Department.
  4. Supporting the MOH's strategy for localization of industry and procurement of some services from the private sector, as possible.
  5. Smooth transformation from the bidding system to the long-term agreement system, in order to reduce the problems of storage and transport of materials.
  6. Rationing the expenditure on medications and medical supplies, as possible, without affecting the level of health services provided to citizens.
  7. Developing employees and administrators through participation in health conferences and exhibitions, as well as participation of everyone in the Agency's projects and initiatives.   



Last Update : 28 July 2016 10:39 AM
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