Assistant Agency for Supportive Medical Services

Assistant Deputy Minister's Message
In the name of Allah the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.
Let praise and thanks be to Allah as He deserves, and let His highest and choicest blessings be on Prophet Mohamed, his family, companions and followers till the Doomsday.
“You First!” Let this be our outset, through which we would like to welcome all of you, and emphasize that beneficiaries of health services are at the heart of our concern, with the help of Allah in the first place, and then the approach adopted by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The Ministry has been always seeking to mobilize its potentials and capabilities to meet patients' physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. To that end, we are keen not to spare the faintest effort, meanwhile sticking to our confidence that, by trust in Allah, we will be moving along the right track, towards the sought-after progress. It might happen that we falter, but once this happens, we are fast to rise; for you, and by you, as well as by our impressive capabilities. That is why we are sure we will be shortly celebrating health services that are up to your aspirations, and thus gaining your satisfaction.
On this occasion, it gives pleasure to us to let you know that, through our unstinting, hard work, we never get bored of change, prompted by your feedback, suggestions and participations, which we receive from supportive medical services departments at the health facilities providing health services to you. May Allah grant success for all of us; He is over all things omnipotent.
Assistant Deputy Minister for Supportive Medical Services
                                                                    Munira Hemdan al-Esseimi
Last Update : 25 June 2014 10:51 AM
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