Assistant Agency for Health Economics

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Assistant Agency for Health Economics seeks to promote and support the own resources of the Ministry of Health through the following:

  • Follow-up and analysis of the financing aspects and health expenditure and studying the expenditure rates and their effects on the national health level.
  •  Developing the health cadres' experience at how to optimally use human resources. 
  •  Providing advice relating to the health economics through the studies and economic feasibility studies for the health projects and programs. 
  •  Conducting economic costing studies for health services and analyzing them. 
  •  Creating cost-effective solutions to rationalize and curb public expenditure, and achieve optimal use of resources. 
  • Setting up plans and implementation mechanisms for better investment of the Ministry's assets in order to achieve the highest possible revenues that can be used to improve the quality of the health services.
  • Overseeing the social clubs and follow up their activities.
  •  Creating financing sources to be added to the current health expenditure sources.
  • Preparing periodic reports about the activities and achievements of its affiliated departments before submitting them to the Deputy Minister for Planning and Health Economics. 
  •  Coordinating with the financial department and other relevant departments to draft the MOH budget. 





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