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Guideline on the Assessment of Radiology Sections Performance at Health Institutions
Radiology services constitute a major part of the provision of healthcare services to patients, and the assessment of these services quality enjoys an increased attention due to several factors, including the high cost of radiology equipment, the rapid development of equipment and diagnostic technology and the risk of high radiation doses that patients may be exposed to.
This guideline aims at helping the heads of sections at health institutions, the directors of departments at regions and provinces and the officials of the general department, to provide safe and high quality services at radiology sections, in accordance with the best international practices, by means of the performance assessment processes and the ongoing improvement by a simple and comprehensive scientific and systematic way. 
The guideline comprises five chapters, namely: the used terms, the assessment system, the administrative system axis, the infrastructure axis, the safety axis and the service provision axis.
Last Update : 08 August 2016 02:00 PM
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