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Issue 9 of Saudi Medical Journal
​The Media, Relations and Health Awareness General Department has recently published the Saudi Medical Journal (Issue 9) with the aim of enriching the scientific knowledge with its comprehensive variety of medical topics. This issue of the journal tackles diabetes, being one of the most hazardous chronic diseases nowadays, with ever increasing numbers of diabetics across the world, and numerous health, economic and social burdens triggered by the disease.
Besides, this issue of the Saudi Medical Journal touches upon topics covering the health sector in general. It includes a special file on diabetes, from which 370 million persons around the world suffer. It enumerates the triggers of the disease, its symptoms, and ways of treatment. Over and above, there are such other topics as closing health and pharmaceutical facilities proven to be violating the respective laws. That is to be added to giving a brief account of the Home Medicine Program, aside from a special file on obesity and overweight, inaugurating a number of new hospitals and medical towers, and many other miscellaneous medical topics.
To view the Saudi Medical Journal (Issue 9), click here (available only in Arabic)
Last Update : 03 January 2019 12:47 PM
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