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Standards Guideline for Establishing, Equipping and Operating Renal Dialysis Centres
Guidlines.JPGThe Assistant Agency for Hospital Affairs and the Supervisory Committee on the Chronic Renal Failure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prepared these guidelines in order to improve and develop dialysis centres and units in all health sectors; in order to insure a high performance level in accordance with the global standards.

The guidelines include standards for the establishment and equipping and operating dialysis units/centres. The design of these units/centres are based on scientific manner and according the highest international standards of health in terms of structural and architectural planning to provide interior spaces to facilitate the movement of workers and patients in addition to entertainment facilities.

The first module includes an overview of the standards of construction and design spaces, Module II focuses on the standards of workforce necessary and providers, Module III safe accurate requirements of technical specifications of the devices and special needs aspect to perations, and module IV includes accreditation standards, which have been approved by The Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) and patients’ rights.

These Guidelines are only for the advancement of the health services provided to patients with renal failure to provide medical care and therapeutic excellence for patients in all regions of Saudi Arabia. These Guidelines will be updated periodically. 

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Last Update : 30 December 2013 02:44 PM
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