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First Pharmaceutical Care Symposium in Tabuk
The Ministry of Health (MOH) Pharmaceutical Care General Department, in collaboration with Tabuk Health Affairs General Directorate, represented by the Pharmaceutical Care Department, will organize the first pharmaceutical care symposium in Tabuk under the sponsorship of the Assistant Deputy Minister for Therapeutic Medicine, titled "Pharmaceutical Care: Notion and Implementation".
The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has accredited 11 hours of continued pharmaceutical education for this symposium, which will be accompanied by a pharmaceutical exhibition to be attended by a number of the sponsoring pharmaceutical companies to discuss the latest developments.
The Director of MOH Pharmaceutical Care, Dr. Battal bin Saif Al-Battal, explained that the symposium aims at raising the level of pharmaceutical care at the hospitals and health centers' pharmacies of the Ministry as well as upgrading the performance of health professionals in applying the modern pharmaceutical standards. The symposium will tackle a number of scientific axes, including lectures and workshops covering a number of topics such as implementation of pharmaceutical care and guaranteeing its quality, pharmacoeconomics, computerization of pharmacies, limitation of pharmaceutical errors, achieving patient's safety and applying the modern trends to practice pharmacy at hospitals and primary health care centers.
He pointed out that the event is an opportunity to exchange experiences and get acquainted with the latest developments in various field of pharmacology and its various applications.
Dr. Al-Battal also ordered all directors of sub-departments across the nation to attend and effectively participate in the 6th regular meeting of directors of the Pharmaceutical Care Departments in the regions, which will be held on Tuesday 11/3/1430H on the sidelines of the symposium.
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Last Update : 22 January 2015 10:30 AM
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