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The start of registration to participate in (Hajj Visiting Manpower) during Hajj 1444H Sacred Sites Hospitals in Makkah and Madinah:

Hajj Visiting Manpower Committee at the Ministry of Health is pleased to announce the start of registration for those wishing to participate through temporary contracting to work in the Hajj season this year 1444 in the holy sites in Makkah and Madinah in the following specializations:

Doctors Category
  1. Intensive care (consultant / senior deputy / deputy / resident)
  2. Emergency (consultant / senior deputy / deputy / resident)
  3. Cardiology (consultant / senior deputy / deputy / resident)
  4. ​Nephrology (consultant / senior deputy / deputy)
  5. Anesthesiology (consultant / senior deputy / deputy)

Nursing Category
  1. Intensive Care Nursing (Senior Specialist / Specialist / Technician)
  2. Respiratory Nursing (Senior Specialist / Specialist / Technician)
  3. Dialysis Nursing (Specialist / Technician)
  4. Cardiac catheterization nursing (specialist / technician)
  5. Cardiac catheterization technician (specialist / technician)
  6. Catheterization radiology technician (specialist / technician)
  7. Catheterization radiology technician (specialist / technician)
  8. Cardiac Perfusion Technologist (Specialist / Technician)

Registration requirements:
  • ​Registration is done through the registration portal according to specializations and periods specified only
  • Valid classification and registration certificate of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties matches the required specialization.
  • The applicant obtains a statutory leave that covers the period of contracting if she/he is on the job.
  • Obtaining a PICSL certificate concerned with infection control in health facilities, or its equivalent, at the employee's workplace.
  • Completion of immunization requirements (Coronavirus, influenza) for those wishing to participate.​
  • Registration in the database approved by the Ministry of Health (Visiting Doctors)
Doctors category:
Attach the Privilege Form, attested by the employer.

Auxiliary categories:
Attach the competency form certified by the employer.

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