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Ministry of Health announces vacant positions for non-medical specialist of bachelor's, master’s, and doctoral degrees

​​​​​​The Ministry of Health announces the availability of recruitment applications for holders of bachelor's, master’s, and doctoral qualifications in the following specializations: (Radiology - medical physics - mammography - health quality - therapeutic radiology - respiratory therapy - health informatics - emergency medical services), for non-medical specialist. The Ministry indicated that applications will be available for graduates of these specializations, starting from Thursday (7/5/1444AH) to Tuesday (12/5/1444AH), via the employment portal at the Ministry of Health.

Application Requirements:
  1. The graduation document, showing the general grade, the percentage or cumulative average, and the date of graduation.
  2. Holders of external qualifications require attaching an equivalency to the Equivalency Committee of the Ministry of Education, along with attaching the average keys and the academic record.
  3. A valid certificate of excellence and a professional registration card for health jobs.
  4. A detailed insurance electronic certificate, and an experience certificate from the employer for those who have experience.​
Last Update : 01 December 2022 08:00 AM
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