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MOH Announces List of Qualified Companies of Building Data Analytics and Operations Capacities Project of The Saudi Health Insurance and Service Purchasing Program

​​​​​Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Vision Realization Office (VRO), announces the result of the pre-qualification stage of building capacities for data analytics and operations project of the Saudi Health Insurance and Service Purchasing Program.

Here is the list of the applicants passed the pre-qualification stage:

The Qualified Companies
Cloud Solutions for Communications and Information Technology (individual CO.)
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
Saudi Bell Group CO.
McKinsey & Company Inc.
Ejada Systems Company Ltd. (individual CO.)​
​Arthur D. Little Ltd.
​MDS for Computer Systems LLC (individual CO.)​​

Last Update : 23 October 2022 02:35 PM
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