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MOH Announces RFP Package for PPP Radiology and Medical Imaging Services Pilot Project

​​The Ministry of Health (MOH), in cooperation with the National Center for Privatization & PPP, is pleased to announce the launch of a request for a proposal package (RFP Package) to provide and operate radiology and medical imaging services through a public-private partnership model. It announced a list of 7 companies eligible to participate in the project as follows: 

  1. Saudi European Diagnostics Consortium
  2. Altakhassusi Alliance Medical Company
  3. Affidea-Arabia Consortium
  4. Ribera Salud Arabia and Olayan Group
  5. InHealth and Dallah Healthcare Company
  6. Voxel - Ascend - Al Fozan Consortium
  7. Lamar Holding W.L.L. and Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited Consortium
It is worth mentioning that the PPP pilot project of radiology and medical imaging is the first partnership project between the public and private sectors in the support services field launched by the MOH through the Private Sector Participation Program at the Vision Realization Office, in cooperation with the National Center for Privatization & PPP.

Last Update : 20 December 2021 10:50 AM
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