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MOH Announces Companies Qualified for Health Insurance Program Data Center Infrastructure Setup and Service Purchase Project

​​The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by Vision Realization Office (VRO), announces results of the pre-qualification for health insurance program data center infrastructure setup and service purchase project​. Hence, after considering all qualification applications, please find below the qualified companies list as follows:

​Saudi Bell Co.
​Baud Telecom Co.
​Sejel Technology Co.
​Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services- Jeraisy Group
​Ibtikar Technologies
​Nour Communications
​PrimeGate for Communications and IT
​Arabian Internet and Communications Services Company (qualified voting)
​Wipro Arabia Co. Ltd
​M.D.S Computer Systems Co. (one person company).
​Al Moammar Information Systems Co.
​Advanced Electronics Company Ltd.

Last Update : 19 August 2021 12:06 PM
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