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Training Course on “Preparing Change Leaders” Organized by the Assistant Agency for Supportive Medical Services
   Under the auspices of His Excellency the Deputy Minister for Health Affairs, the MOH Assistant Agency for Supportive Medical Services is organizing, over three days as of Sunday, 4/1/1434H, a training course on “Preparing Change Leaders” for its subsidiary departments. It will be held at Mina Hotel in Riyadh.
The training course is intended to:
  1. Introduce participants with the modern leadership and administration theories, and their applications in resource management.
  2. Discuss the particularities of leadership applications at health institutions.
  3. Disseminate leadership roles on the various management levels.
  4. Enhance diplomatic communication among institutions and individuals.
  5. Assess the efficiency of the health institutions and its factors leading to it.
  6. Train participants on using evidence-based arguments and based in leadership practices.
  7. Address particularities of the health sector and the ethical issues that have to do with administrative decision-making.
  8. Evaluate hardships facing the leader.
  9. Build a cognitive model for the leadership behaviors to be followed by the leader when making a decision in various situations.
  10. Understand the importance of changing the traditional leadership modes and patterns.
  11. Promote modern communication using state-of-the-art technologies.
  12. Apply effective communication methods at the level of institutions and individuals.
  13. Enhance new dispute resolution methods.
  14. Train participants on the methods of team building and stimulation of teamwork.
  15. Understand the terms used in evaluating team efficiency.
  16. Analyze and develop strategic plans.
  17. Effectively apply the investment of time methods.
  18. Train participants on how to speak to media and represent national and international bodies.
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