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World Polio Day
Once, Polio (poliomyelitis) had raised concern all over the world, as it was developing abruptly, mainly affecting children and lasting for a lifetime. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). This health partnership, considered to be the biggest between the governmental and private sectors, has managed to reduce polio incidence by 99%.
Key Facts on Polio:
  • Polio (poliomyelitis) mainly affects children under five years of age.
  • One in each 200 infections leads to irreversible paralysis (usually in the legs). Among those paralyzed, 5% to 10% die when their breathing muscles become immobilized.
  • When the GPEI was launched in 1988, Polio used to affect 350,000 children annually. Since then, Polio incidence has decreased by over 99% (only 406 cases were reported in 2013.)
  • Today, only three countries in the world (Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan) remain polio-endemic, and suffer several health and economic problems.
Official Date:
Globally: October 23rd, 2015
Locally: Al-Muharram 9th, 1437 H
Theme of the World Polio Day 2015:
 End Polio Now: Make History Today
Targeted Groups:
  • Children (aged five years and below).
  • Children’s families and the general public
  • Health practitioners.
Objectives and Messages of the World Polio Day:
The sought-after goals of GPEI are:
  • Eliminating polio virus, as soon as possible, especially in the three remaining countries; Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.
  • Attaining the ultimate goal to eradicate polio worldwide.
  • Contributing to the development of health organizations, strengthening routine immunization and monitoring communicable diseases systematically.

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