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World Arthritis Day
Arthritis is common in the elderly; it is the number-one cause of disability in this age group. Arthritis can also affect any other age group, and is considered one of the most common diseases. There are over 100 types of Arthritis, with different causes, symptoms, and treatment. Symptoms include joint inflammation, acute joint pain that comes and goes over a short period of time. Pains can be mild and chronic. 

Arthritis treatment is highly determined by type and severity, and in most cases it depends on painkillers. 

Key Facts: 
Arthritis affects both men and women of all ages, including children. However, some types of the disease are more common in women than men, and vice versa.
Arthritis affects a quarter of all people in the European Union –120 million people.
In the industrialized world, Arthritis affects more individuals than any other disease group.
Arthritis is the biggest cause of sick-leave and premature retirement. 
Arthritis has a huge health, economic, and social burden. Its costs are associated with diagnosis, treatment, drugs, care, assistive devices, home modifications, and decreased productivity and absence from work. 

Official Date:
Globally: 12th October, 2015
Locally: 29th Dhul-Al-Hijja, 1436 H

Theme of the World Arthritis Day 2015 :

It's in Your Hands, Take Action

Targeted Groups:
  • People with Arthritis and their families
  • Health professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and health educators)
  • Education workers (teachers, social workers, etc.)
  • Health decision makers
  • Health associations and organizations 
  • General public 

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