Health Days 2011

International Day of Older Persons
   The International Day of Older Persons, this year, pays thorough attention to identifying the challenges and obstacles impeding the agreements revolving around the provision of health care for the elderly in all over the world. International agreements have affirmed the older people's right to receive medical preventive services to be immune against diseases, as well as curative services, including rehabilitation after disability. At the national level, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Ministry of Health, seeks to abide by the terms of these agreements, and put them into action, by means of providing the primary health care services, that help offer all the available health services for older persons, including training the health staff, establishing the health facilities necessary for meeting the older persons needs, and providing a healthy and prosperous lifestyle for this dear and highly appreciated age group.
International Date: 1/10/2011
Local Date: 3/11/1432H
Theme of the International Day:
 (Madrid Agreement, the growing opportunities and challenges facing aging throughout the world)
Local Theme:
 (Adding Life to Years Rather than Years to Life)
Targeted Categories:
  • Older persons of both genders.
  • Governmental institutions.
  • Civil associations and institutions.
  • Individuals and families interested in caring for the elderly.
  • Workers in the field of health care and rehabilitation of the elderly.
  • Health workers at health centers.
Objectives and General Mission of the International Day of Older Persons:
  • Raising awareness of the importance of providing the elderly with the same preventive, curative and rehabilitation services received by the other age groups.
  • Enhancing health services and preventive measures against both infectious and non-infectious diseases, in addition to providing technology assistance, and care services in the domain of rehabilitation.
  • Training health staff in this field.
  • Providing the health facilities necessary for meeting the older persons needs
  • Prompting other effective entities, such as non-governmental organizations and families, to support individuals, towards pursuing a healthy lifestyle.
  • Fostering cooperation between governmental institutions, families and individuals, with a view to preparing a proper environment for the health, well-being and prosperity of the elderly.
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