group of diseases transmitted by the bug:
What is the bug?
It is a big-sized nightly insect and lives in the thatched-roof buildings where it hides during the daytime. In spite of its big size, its sting does not hurt, but it leaves its contaminated waste matter near the wound opening. And when the human scratches the wound area, the waste matter enters in the blood flow.
Major diseases transmitted by the bugs:
Chagas Disease (American trypanosomiasis):
What is the Chagas Disease?

This disease is triggered as a result of the transmission of the trypanosomacruzi parasite to the human by the bug. It goes by several names such as the "kissing bug". The bug usually stings the lips or the face and leaves behind waste contaminated with that parasite.
Where is the Chagas disease rampant? 
  • The disease spreads in the rural areas especially in the houses whose ceilings are made out of thatch. During the daytime, the bug hides in the wall cracks, roofs, mud, and mud brick. And it feeds on the human blood
  • It mostly spreads in Mexico, Central America, and South America.
What are the symptoms of the disease?
There are two phases for the Chagas disease:
Acute Phase:
Following the infection, the acute phase lasts for several weeks or months, and it involves slight symptoms and may not be noticed. They include the following:
  • the body experiences fever and pains
  •  Eyelid swell
  •  The sting area gets swollen.
  •  The acute phase symptoms disappear, mostly without treatment, yet, the infection persists. If not treated, the infection persists, and it can evolve into the chronic phase.
Chronic Phase:
The chronic phase may be more dangerous, and its signs appear following the infection within 10-20 years' time, such as:
  • Heart beats irregularity
  •  Heart enlargement
  •  Problems in digestion and intestine movement
  •  Increase of the chances of developing the stroke. 
How is the Chagas disease treated?
Treatment of the Chagas disease depends on killing the parasite and treating the symptoms associated with the infection. 
As regards the acute phase, treatment can take place using anti-parasite drugs, whereas treating the chronic phase is restricted to treating the symptoms involved.

How can the Chagas disease be prevented? 

  •  Avoid sleeping in the houses made out of mud and thatch as these kinds of housings are more likely to be a source of attraction for the bugs
  •  Apply insecticides for stamping out the insects in the housing place
  •  Spray the insect repellent products for eradicating the bugs.
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