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Entrenching Self-Confidence in Infants
​Entrenching Self-Confidence in Infants
Throughout its first year, the child always feels afraid and distracted, because of the numerous inexplicable changes coming upon (and happening around) him. Following are three methods meant to reinforce the child's self-confidence in this stage of his life:
  1. Parents will have to give their child many hugs and kisses. Recent studies have shown that children's mental and physical depends a great deal on the compassionate touches it receives from its parents or those caring for it. A study has put forward that the child is in need of 4 hugs a day to live, 8 hugs to maintain balance, and 12 hugs to grow properly.
  2. It is very much recommended to talk with the child. IT is true, he will not understand, but the parents' tone tells a lot whenever they say, “I love you so much!” or “How wonderful you are!”. Conveying such messages to the child reassures him that his beloved parents are always with him.
  3. Keep commending your child as much as possible whenever he accomplishes something new. For example, when he discovers a new corner of the room, applaud for him to show him how you are happy with his 'discover', and with him accordingly. Such encouragement will help him take a new step towards discovering his world.
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