Child Health

My Kid is Ill
​   Children are always susceptible to ailment every now and then, notwithstanding the love and care they receive from their parents. Following are some practical and useful precautions to consider:
  • In case you have doubts on the health status of your child, it is advisable to consult a doctor as immediately as possible.
  • The child has to be psychologically prepared for the doctor's visit. You ought to explain the reason why he should see a doctor, and what to do at the clinic, so as to be certain that he would get better by following the doctor's instructions.
  • You'd better be calm when going to a doctor. Do not show any extraordinary attention when he cries. Just deal with him normally.
  • If the child refuses to take the medicine, you have to be calm, cool and decisive (but not nervous), and try to mix the medicine up with his favorite dishes.
  • Read carefully the instructions included in the medicine leaflet enclosed in the package, and be certain not to mix the medicine with any other substance.
  • In case it is better for the child to stay in bed, try to calm him down, but don't over-pamper him, as this might make him malinger to have his desires fulfilled.
  • It is advisable to ventilate the room three times a day (in the morning, afternoon and evening). Meanwhile, be sure to cover your child well, lest he should catch cold.
  • Pay thorough attention to your child's nutrition, but don't press him too much if he refuses to eat. In cases he rejects food for a day and half, you'd better take him to a doctor.
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