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Children and Candy
Children rejoice over eating candy, and prefer it to any other useful foods. Candy is basically made of sugar, in addition to some other ingredients, according to the kind of candy; such as fats, colors and flavors. The nutritional value of candy is confined to the fact that it is a source of considerably big energy, but it does not provide the body with the necessary nutrients, like proteins, vitamins and minerals. Chocolate, however, could be excepted, as it contains an amount of proteins, owing to milk being one of its ingredients.
Harmful Effects of Candy on Children
Sugars or sweets are not always harmful. On the contrary, the body is always in need of sugars to produce the energy necessary for motion and activity. However, people, especially children, should rationalize the use of sweets to avert the harmful effects that might come up as a result of the excessive use of them. Following are some of the harmful effects of candy on children: 
  • Tooth decay, which increases when sweets are stuck on teeth.
  • Obesity, which is one of today's health problems. Sweets are not the only cause of obesity. It is basically caused by consuming energy consumption, with insufficient motion.
  • The harmful impact of some additives, like caffeine which affects the nervous system and causes nervousness, tension and insomnia. It could also accelerate pulse and cause many other problems, especially for children.


  • Choosing proper time to give candy to the child, preferably after the main meal.
  • Appointing certain days (Thursday, for instance) for giving candy to children.
  • Appointing certain occasions for having candy (visiting relatives, parties and feasts, etc.)
  • Replacing candy with fresh or dry fruits, and replacing potato chips with nuts.
  • Brushing teeth after having candy, soft drinks and sugary juices.
  • Keeping away from candy between meals, and taking, instead, fruits or sandwiches, along with a glass of milk or natural juice.


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