Healthcare Licensing Services

​​It is a unified and comprehensive system of all healthcare licensing services, which are characterized by direct technical integration with all relevant government bodies. This system features the following services​:
  1. Final Approval for Health Facility Licensing Service: ​​​This service enables investors and existing health facilities to issue, renew, cancel, and transfer ownership, as well as modifying data for health facility licenses automatically.
  2. Health Professions Licensure Service: This service enables health facilities in the Kingdom to issue, renew and cancel health practitioners license electronically within only 30 seconds.​

How to Get the Service?
You can get the service through registration via «Seha» platform.

Service Prerequisites:
The health institution must be registered in «Seha» platform, and has a valid license.

Estimated Response Time:
It is an instant 24/7 service.

Service Fees:
You can find all the fees and details in the Private Health Institutions Law and Its Regulations​​ (Available only in Arabic)

Help and Contacts:
You can contact us via this e-mail or call center: 920018090 (from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Alternative Channels for Service Assessment:
The service can be assessed 24/7 by 937 Call Center.

What is Language of Service?

The Ministry provides its e-services in Arabic and English. 

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