The service aims to enable the patient and the recipient of the service to reserve his appointment in the primary healthcare centers where he can book the appointment and modify or cancel it in any hospital the patient is referred to.

The Service Enables You to:
  • Choose a health clinic.
  • Locate the nearest healthcare center to the beneficiary.
  • Book the appointment at the healthcare center according to the appropriate time for the beneficiary.
  • ​Adding all dependents of the beneficiary to the same center, with the possibility of making appointments for them.
  • Find the healthcare center on Google Maps.
How to Get the Service?
  • Download the “Sehhaty” platform and register your data.
  • Choose (reserve an appointment) from the appointments list at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fill in the required data.
  • Confirm your medical appointment.
Characteristics of the Service:
  • Booking an appointment.
  • Modifying the appointment to fit your schedule.
  • Cancelling your appointment when needed.
Service Requirements:
There are no provisions preventing the patient from booking a reservation on the system, therefore different reservation channels have been created, with one condition that the patient has an «Abshir» account.

Expected Response Time:
The service response time varies from one channel to another, however; appointments are made instantly and electronically.

Service Fees: 
Free of charge.

Contact MOH's unified line (937) to book an appointment, make a complaint, or ask for help.