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Inquiry about Travel Ban
This service allows personnel in health facilities to inquire about their capability of traveling outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or not ,through their information in the medical licenses system in the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. This can be done by entering:  
  • Number of professional license (required). 
  • Number for the ban letter. 
  • Date of the ban.  
The user must enter the number or date of the ban along with the number of professional license, If the information entered by the user is correct, the following information will appear: 
  • Region. 
  • City. 
  • Type of institution. 
  • Type of specialization. 
  • Institution. 
  • Person's name. 
  • Number for the ban letter. 
  • Date of the ban.
  • Expiration date of the ban.
  • Reasons for the ban. 
  • Notes.
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  • ​​Kindly note that there is no fee for this service.
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