E-Employment Services

SLA of the Employment System
The Service Level Agreement (SLA) of the Employment System aims to clarify and assess the quality of services provided via the system, as well as the rights and duties of both the Ministry of Health (MOH) and its beneficiaries. As such, it is a clear and unambiguous agreement regulating the relation between the Ministry and whoever dealing with it, whether aware of the agreement or not.   
Therefore, benefitting from any of the services covered by this agreement is considered an implicit and explicit consent by the recipients of such services to all provisions of this agreement, without prejudice to any other agreements that might be covered by provision of such services.  
Rights and duties of the beneficiary:
  1. The beneficiaries' requests shall be handled fairly and confidentially. And they shall be answered properly through the system and via mobile phone and email, if need be.
  2. The Employment System allows the user to create his personal account and use it to submit employment requests announced by the Ministry, as well as tracking his/her messages.
  3. Registration at the employment site must be identical to the national ID information.  
  4. The entered data and certificates must be correct and accurate. Lack of correctness or accuracy might lead to exclusion of the request.
  5. The applicant shall be fully responsible for selecting the right job which is consistent with his qualifications. The request that fails to abide by this requirement shall be excluded, even after attending matching call.
  6. In case you are accepted, after the nomination and eligibility phases, you shall be notified via the email address you have registered on the system, as well as a text message to your mobile phone. Also, you can access your account on the MOH Portal to inquire about the status of the request.  
  7. Passing the phases of electronic nomination and eligibility shall not entail final acceptance.
  8. The application for medical and health jobs requires attaching therewith a classification certificate and registration card issued by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS). 
  9. If the candidate is a foreigner, he must attach an equivalent qualification attested by the Higher Education.
  10. The applicant must not be sentenced or accused of dishonorable charges.
  11. In case the applicant fails to attend a call for matching in due time, his request will be neglected.
Rights and duties of the Ministry:
  1. Valid messages and requests shall be handled, and their senders shall be contacted within the prescribed response period, which might increase or decrease, though, depending on the situation.
  2. Failure to deal with the incoming messages and requests from beneficiaries shall be questioned.
  3. The Ministry has the right to cancel jobs and suspend incoming applications without any justification.
  4. The Ministry has the right to exclude non-conforming applications or the ones with incorrect information. 
  5. The Ministry shall maintain the justice and privacy rules while dealing with the incoming messages.
  6. The Ministry may temporarily disable the Employment System for maintenance works or other reasons.



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