Why do we need vaccination? Can’t we use antibiotics to cure the disease?
    Can I protect my child just by avoiding people with pneumonia or other types of infections?
    What does ‘PCV-13’ stand for? Are there other types of pneumococcal vaccinations?
    How effective is PCV-13?
    Are these vaccines safe? Can my child get pneumococcal disease from the vaccine?
    Is there anything that I need to take care of after vaccination?
    My child has already received the PCV doses. Why do I need to give it again?
    I am expecting a baby soon. When should I give the vaccination dose for the baby?
    How is this vaccine administered?
    Can this vaccine be given with other vaccines?
    Where can I get this vaccine for my child?
    How much does the vaccine cost?
Last Update : 29 January 2015 09:11 AM
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