Assistant Agency for Primary Health Care

About the Agency
Delivering high-quality, distinctive primary healthcare services in line with the international best practices is the goal of the Assistant Agency for Primary Healthcare, as well as its being the goal of the school units, smoking fighting, and genetic and chronic diseases control, which we all seek in line with our rulers' directives. In so doing, we overcame major challenges by the strategic planning based upon the scientific basics, and by drawing on the latest on what the science achieved to that effect in terms of the studies and researches. We also worked on harnessing all the available capabilities, domestically and internationally. Similarly, we conscientiously seek the community participation with a great deal of awareness and seriousness. As such, this is the fundamental task we set for ourselves in the Assistant Agency for the Primary Healthcare, and we do our best to implement it ably.
Communicating via the portal and other communication forms with the entire community members comes out of the belief that they enable the Assistant Agency for Primary Healthcare to perform its optimal roles since they result in opinions and notes of great significance in terms of planning and implementing our projects and programs.
We are working hard on carrying out what serves the citizen by your communicating with us via the portal as partners in the health services.
Last Update : 10 April 2014 01:28 PM
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