Deputy Minister for Planning and Health Economies

  •  Supervising setting the   necessary suggestions for crafting the MOH's policies regarding the planning, information systems, health economies and administrative upgrading; in order to improve the performance in general. 
  • Following up the preparing and developing all the MOH's plans, with the annual and five-year plans included, in coordination with the Ministry of Economy and Planning.
  •  generally overseeing developing the MOH's and health regions' plans
  •  supervising and Instructing upon conducting the necessary studies for advancing the health, medical, and administrative services, expanding them in line with needs, and taking the necessary procedures; to implement and evaluate them. 
  •  Supervising setting the schedules of the project implementation and following up their implementation phases in coordination with the concerned bodies.
  • Overseeing  setting the training and scholarship of those working in the MOH and health regions, working on its implementation after having them approved, and taking the necessary decisions about them.
  •  Supervising developing plans and programs of the MOH's work force development and upgrading and following up its implementation.
  • Overseeing setting the automatic system and  information technology necessary for the MOH's services and its facilities, and following up its implementation.
  • Crafting strategies for the health economies, standard cost systems of the programs, projects, operation, and equipment; to best employ the resources and rationalize spending and reducing costs.
  •  Supervising preparing the necessary information on the departments related to the Planning and Health Economies Agency, to prepare the budget.
  •  Submitting periodical reports to the Deputy Minister for Planning and Development on the MOH's activities in the planning and health economies field, and following up implementing the health projects and the achievements made in that field.
  •  Issuing the internal decisions and the instructions intended for achieving the organization necessary for work  in the units related to it and coordinating among them.
  • Any other work devolved to it by the Deputy Minister for the Planning and Health Economies and developing the MOH in general. 





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