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MOH Continues Expanding Virtual Clinic Service

The Ministry of Health (MOH) continues expanding the “virtual clinics” service at its health facilities by enabling beneficiaries to attend medical appointments remotely via “Sehaty” App. 

Through the service launched recently, a virtual appointment will be made between the patient and doctor via “Sehaty” App, with the aim of facilitating the patient access to the healthcare services and making optimum use of the digital transformation in MOH. It enables beneficiaries to get integrated services remotely. 

The service aims to reduce the patient visits to its healthcare facilities for cases that don’t require his attendance. Also, the service helps to limit the spread of infection and to increase the rate of patient satisfaction by reducing the effort and time required to obtain the healthcare service.

MOH indicated that the service is currently available through “Sehaty” App and the patient can inquire about making his appointment online. The doctor decides whether the patient needs to come to the health facility or not. If his case does not require him to attend in person, he will be given the option of making his next appointments remotely through “Sehaty” App. He will get a message on the time and date of his appointment, including a link on how to use the service and another one for downloading the App.
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Last Update : 21 June 2021 01:00 PM
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