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MOH Publishes Integrated Information File on Breast Cancer
08 October 2020

Observing the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month (the Pink Month), the Ministry of Health (MOH) has changed the logo color of its Twitter educational platform «Live Well» to pink; in an endeavor to highlight the importance of this year’s event under the theme: «Journey Is Safe». Through an integrated information file about breast cancer​ (available only in Arabic) published on its educational platform, MOH has provided awareness tips and guidelines about the importance of early detection and treatment methods, misconceptions about breast cancer, ways to reduce the risk of developing this disease, in addition to local and global figures and statistics on the disease spread. MOH has called on every woman over the age of forty to book an appointment at mammography clinics through calling 937-Service Center, or via «Mawid» App, for breast cancer early detection.

According to MOH, 99% of the results of breast cancer screening are negative, and 80% of breast lumps are benign. MOH has underlined that breast cancer is most easily and effectively treated upon detection in its early stages, highlighting that screening mammography, which can be conducted within 20 minutes and 3 years before developing symptoms, is the best method for early detecting the disease in its early stages.

Last Update : 11 October 2020 06:10 AM
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