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MOH Statement on Scabies Cases in Al-Laith
18 February 2016
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that five cases of scabies have been detected at Al-Mustanqa‘ Health Center in Al-Laith Governorate. The Center has immediately provided the proper treatment for them, and referred the urgent cases, whose health status required to be referred, to Al-Laith Hospital to take all the required therapeutic procedures. Within the framework of further monitoring to take the preventive measures, a medical team has been formed from health centers in Al-Laith, and proceeded to conduct the epidemiological surveillance at the aforementioned village. The team announced that the total number of scabies infections at the village is nine cases, including four male students, two female students, a guard at a school for boys and two guards at a school for girls.
Within the same vein the medical team has visited both schools, where infections have been detected in the village; so as to make sure that there are no other cases among the fe/male students and workers. Furthermore, visits have been paid to homes of the infected cases, which recorded no cases among the people in contact with them, May Allah be praised.
 It is worth mentioning that the medical team has educated the village residents about the nature of the disease, ways of its transmission and the preventive measures required to avoid it. Besides, another team from the MOH Field Epidemiological Program will pay a further visit to the aforementioned village, and the MOH will keep on monitoring the situation to make sure of controlling the disease outbreak there.
For more information about the Scabies, its Causes, Transmission and Treatment.

Last Update : 01 March 2016 03:26 PM
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