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Announcing the Qualified Companies for Supplying Electronic Archiving System of Electrocardiograph - Phase II
07 September 2023

​The Ministry of Health, represented by the Vision Realization Office, announces the results of qualifying companies for the project of supplying an electronic archiving system of electrocardiograph to a number of MOH cardiac centers - the second phase.

Accordingly, after reviewing all submitted qualification applications, companies that have passed the qualification stage are listed below:

  • Monaqsat Al Khaleej For Communication and Information Technology - a one-person company
  • TAG Costultant Engineering
  • Gulf Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Al Faisaliah Medical Systems Company
  • Farouk & Mamoun Tamr & Partners Company
  • Ascend Health Care Solutions- a one-person company
  • Siemens Healthineers Limited
  • Global Technologies GT
  • Alkan Arabia For Communications
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Saudi Azm
  • Attieh Medico Ltd
  • Al-Hammad Medical Services
  • Arabic Computer Systems
  • Philips Healthcare Saudi Arabia Ltd
  • solutions by STC
  • Al-Muammar Information Systems Company
  • Samir Group

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