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Announcement of Pre-qualification Results of the Medical Images Archiving Project and Data Integration
07 August 2023

​​Ministry of Health, represented by the Vision Realization Office (VRO), announces results of the pre-qualification process for the medical images archiving project, data integration with exchange, and remote reporting for Ministry of Health hospitals.

Accordingly, and after examining all submitted qualification applications, you will find, below, the list of companies that have passed the qualification stage.

List of companies that have passed the qualification stage:
  1. Cloud Solutions for Communications and Information Technology Company.
  2. Elm Information Security Company.
  3. Philips Healthcare Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd.
  4. Arabian Internet and Communications Services Company.
  5. Siemens Healthcare Limited Saudi Arabia.
  6. Advanced Electronics Co., Ltd.
  7. Gulf Medical Company Limited.
  8. Saudi American General Electric Company.
  9. Samir Trading and Marketing Company.
  10. Etihad Etisalat Company.
  11. Al Moammar Information Systems Company.
  12. Mobile Telecommunications Company Saudi Arabia.
  13. Agfa Healthcare Saudi Arabia Ltd.
  14. Attia Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
  15. Ascend Advanced Healthcare Solutions Company.
  16. Farouk, Maamoun Tamer & Co-Company.

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