​​​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) is concerned with telemedicine as part of its relentless pursuits of tangible progress in the field of e-health. This is happening through the National E-Health Strategy​ and the shift toward electronic transactions. ​

Telemedicine involves using information technology and electronic communication means to provide services like diagnosis, examination, and medical assessment to patients. It mainly aims to facilitate communication among health practitioners themselves, and with their patients. Telemedicine has also made it easier for doctors to communicate with one another, whether in terms of consultations, scientific conferences, or other medical educational activities. Through telemedicine, health crises can be managed using information systems. Moreover, telemedicine is used to disseminate medical information, announce a country's health status, and create comprehensive medical databases. 

The  National Health Information Cenetr is a call center that helps provide, organize, and exchange health information automatically among the bodies of health sectors. The Center is a member of the International Society for Telemedicine and E-Health (ISfTeH)​. The center is also linked to the Saudi Health Council (SHC) and connected to an automatic network of health information with MOH and other relevant government agencies. In addition, the Center has launched the  Saudi Telehealth Network initiative to connect specialized health care facilities with primary health care centers and hospitals in remote areas using telemedicine systems. This would enhance the quality of the healthcare services provided, and make them cost-effective, regardless of the geographical location or the size of facilities.

MOH has launched a number of platforms and applications, in addition to approving others. This comes out of its keenness to standardize and facilitate procedures and services at all health authorities, improve the quality of performance, provide channels of communication between health practitioners, speed up access to health services, and enhance health care and telemedicine. Among these platforms and applications are «Sehhaty» platform, MOH Drug List Formulary called «MOH Formulary» App., and «Anat» platform, and others. Furthermore, the 937 Call Center  receives calls and works to meet the health needs of callers around the clock. Moreover, MOH has been learning about the opinions of beneficiaries through several questionnaires, including Benefiting from Telemedicine (937 for Medical Consultations), and [Benefiting from Telemedicine (Seha platform)].  ​