Vice Minister of Health for Health Affairs

Vice Minister's Message
The healthcare services have been paid close attention, care and support by the wise leadership. Thanks to Allah, this unstinting support has contributed to the provision of comprehensive healthcare services to citizens throughout all regions, governorates, villages and hamlets in our beloved Kingdom.
Proceeding from the effective role played by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in maintaining the health and safety of citizens and residents, it keeps on its vigorous efforts to invest and achieve the optimal benefits of all available resources, in such a manner that promotes the healthcare services and improves the performance at healthcare facilities. The Ministry has more than 279 hospitals (with more than 42,000-bed capacity) and more than 2,390 primary healthcare centers, offering all therapeutic, preventive and emergency services.
There is no doubt that the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020 in the health sector represents a strategic objective of the Ministry; in an endeavor to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030. The Program works in several platforms, including promoting the healthcare services, facilitating the way to get them and improving the approach to provide the medical care to patients.
The NTP comprises a series of initiatives, as part of more than 40 initiatives that have been launched by the Ministry and will achieve a paradigm shift in the he​alth services in the Kingdom. The population growth in Saudi Arabia is reckoned the highest in the world, the matter which requires that the MOH should cope with this rapid growth and provide the proper healthcare.
The E-Health is a key element in the implementation of the NTP 2020, as the countries, which are advanced in the health domain, are focusing their efforts in the optimal application of electronic information and communication technology; in order to improve the provision and planning of health care. Hence, the Ministry has developed a precise strategy; with a view to benefiting from the e-health, so as to be a major factor in the development of health services.
The MOH Portal is reckoned a technical platform, through which the Ministry communicates with all various categories of the beneficiaries of its healthcare services and highlights its efforts exerted to improve the healthcare services provided to them, raise their health awareness and enhance their healthy lifestyles, by means of the medical tips and guidelines, the health information and the media reports provided via that platform.
Vice Minister of Health for Health Affairs
Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Duweila'

Last Update : 28 March 2018 08:32 AM
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