Deputy Minister for Public Health

Deputy Minister’s CV
Dr. Hani Abdulaziz Jokhdar  Deputy Minister for Public Health
Dr. Hani Abdulaziz Jokhdar
 Deputy Minister for Public Health

Consultant of Public Health, Infectious Disease Prevention and Control.

  • Deputy Minister for Public Health since Feb 2017
  • Assistant Deputy Minister for Hospital Affairs, from May 2016 to Feb 2017.
  • Chairs the Hajj and Umrah Preparatory Committee.
  • Head of MOH’s Command and Control Center (CCC).
  • Chairs the National Committee for Infectious Diseases.
  • Head of National Committee for school health
  • Chairs the tobacco control Preparatory Committee.
  • National Coordinator of Healthy Cities Program in the Kingdom.
  • Head of the G20 Health Portfolio 2020.
  • Chairs the public Health Emergency Operating Center.
  • Board Member of the Public health authority.
  • Board Member of the Quality-of-Life Program.
  • Board member of Saudi Commission for healthcare Specialty.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Primary health care services.
  • Preventive medicine services.
  • Digital content and data of public health.
  • MOH’s Hajj and Umrah programs.
  • Global Center for Mass Gatherings Medicines.
  • Healthy Cities Program in the Kingdom.
Contact Info:
Office phone: 0112125555 Ext: 4055
Office phone: 0112125555 Ext: 4053
Address: Riyadh - Digital City -  Tower 2 -  Floor 7 - Ministry Agency for Public Health

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