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MOH: Awareness Infographic on Basic Vaccinations for School Students
28 October 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has called upon primary students’ families to inspire their children to get the basic vaccinations for school students. Through an awareness infographic published on its Twitter page, MOH has pointed out that the vaccinations feature OPV, DTP/ TD, MMR and chicken pox vaccines. “Adherence to vaccination schedules will contribute to controlling the communicable diseases, boosting the immunity system and decreasing the mortality rate”, added MOH.

According to MOH, these vaccines are effective, safe and from reliable sources. As well, their side effects are limited and simple. Besides, such awareness-raising activities come in continuation of MOH's efforts to maintain the health and safety of all community members, to promote health awareness and to urge individuals to adopt healthy behaviors and healthy eating habits.


It is noteworthy that MOH has recently launched vaccination campaign for Primary 1 students, to complete the basic vaccination doses to maintain their health. The basic vaccines will be given to all new students (aged six to seven) at private and public primary schools.





Last Update : 30 October 2017 01:49 PM
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