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2,089 Visits by Home Medicine Department of King Fahad Central Hospital - Jazan
18 October 2017
The Home Medicine Department of King Fahad Central Hospital - Jazan has conducted 2,089 home visits, including elderly persons, stroke cases, chronic respiratory and psycho-neurological patients, cancers, urinary and chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and geriatric diseases. The program also features dressing change, physiotherapy, palliative care, follow-up and evaluation of hypertension and diabetes, tube feeding, psychological and social support and health awareness. Likewise, the program administers seasonal vaccines such as flu vaccine by field teams enhanced with qualified and trained staff throughout week days, as per a fixed table.
Around 306 patients have been registered with the program since its launch until the end of 1438H., during which the program received 159 cases including 105 patients from the hospital's inpatient ward, 20 from outpatient clinics, as well as 34 patients referred from home healthcare department of Jazan Health Affairs and peripheral hospitals. Besides, the program has provided all patients' needs including medical appliances and supplies before sending them to their homes to receive the healthcare among their families. The program has also provided 78 electric beds, 74 vacuum mattress, 19 wheelchairs, 3 bath chairs, 13 suction tubes, 5 steam apparatus, 21 blood pressure monitors, 19 blood sugar monitors, 1 feeding pump, 10 oxygen concentrators, 3 oxygen cylinders, 14 pulse oximeter devices, 1 mobile oxygen concentrator, 1 BIPAP and 1 CIPAP device. The home medicine service aims to deliver health services to patients at their homes and among their families. The service is provided for patients whose conditions don't require them to stay at hospital; and instead can be served and followed up by medical specialists at home.

Last Update : 01 November 2017 01:57 PM
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