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MOH Starts Work with Family Medicine Project at Healthcare Centers
20 December 2016
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced the start of work with the Family Medicine Project at a number of 100 primary health centers throughout the different regions of the Kingdom; with a view to providing an integrated health service, up to date with the latest primary healthcare standards according to a clear approach. This comes in an endeavor to improve the integrity and continuity of the healthcare provided, by means of the development of primary healthcare, in line with the Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 with regard to improving the quality of therapeutic and preventive services.
Coinciding with this project, the MOH has increased the number of training opportunities for each of the fellowship, diploma, training remotely and while working in the family medicine, to meet the needs according to the international standards. Thus, it increased the number of opportunities of the fellowship program at a rate of 60% and of the Family Medicine Diploma at a rate of 100%, in addition to the attraction of international trainees for the various regions of the Kingdom.
Within the same vein, the MOH has completed specifications of the Mobile Clinics Project, as well as working currently on inviting companies to provide 8 large mobile clinics; in order to cover the remote areas with health services.

Last Update : 25 December 2016 09:42 AM
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