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East Arafat Hospital Gets Ready for Hajj with 52 ICU Beds, 45 Beds for Sunstroke Rooms, and a Mobile Lab
20 September 2015
Dr. Ahed Ajeel, Director of East Arafat Hospital, said that the hospital is ready to receive patients, who need screening, at all clinics and units of IC, ER, operations, gastrointestinal endoscopy, laboratories, radiology, and inpatient wards. The hospital works at full capacity, with 236 beds covering ER, inpatient wards, ICU, and a specialized center for heat exhaustion and sunstroke.
With respect to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), Ajeel stated that MOH prepared 9 beds for suspected cases in ER. In addition, isolation rooms were equipped for ICU; to handle critical cases, which tested positive for Coronavirus. It's noteworthy that East Arafat Hospital's ICU is the biggest ICU in the Holy Sites, with 52 beds.
The director of East Arafat Hospital added, "Our hospital has now a mobile laboratory, headed by a specialized highly qualified to handle such advanced technology, to detect MERS-CoV cases using molecular biology and identifying the virus's genetic material. The mobile laboratory delivers results in just 6 hours," Ajeel stated that sunstroke ward was equipped with 45 beds in preparation for expected high temperatures during Hajj season. Furthermore, the hospital was supplied with enough water sprinkling fans for better ventilation after MOH's studies proved their effectiveness in past Hajj seasons.
Dr. Ajeel noted that the hospital contains 19 clinics to provide healthcare for less serious cases, which don't need ER. There are also specialized clinics for pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, ENT, and ophthalmology. A birthing room was fully equipped for natural childbirth. It contains an intensive care nursery (ICN), an amniotic fluid suction machine (if needed), plus diagnostic radiology sections, such as: CT scan, sonohysterography, mobile and immobile X-ray machines. Finally, there are sections of pharmacy, sterilization, infection control, and a specialized public health clinic.  
Ajeel stated that this year's Hajj personnel amount to 394 seconded section heads doctors, nurses, technicians, administrative workers, clerks, and custodians.
Finally, he prayed that Allah ease and accept Hajj from pilgrims, and help KSA serve them.

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