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Dr. Al Rabeeah Meets the Directors of Emergency and Crisis in the Regions and Governorates
03 November 2012

​His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Rabeeah, pointed out that the mechanization of the policies and procedures of emergency services is going to be introduced in all emergency departments in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom over the 24 hours, within the framework of improving MOH’s services to serve patients around the clock, in addition to the launch of the unified number with three digits soon, in order to work in a unified central management for emergency services to serve the citizen.

Dr. Al-Rabeeah stressed on the importance of serving the patient in a technical, scientific and fast way, noting that the Ministry puts serving the patient and gaining his satisfaction at the top of its priorities. His Excellency urged everybody to find quick solutions and remove obstacles that prevent handling and treating the critical cases urgently. This was mentioned during his meeting with the directors of emergency and crisis departments in  the regions and governorates.

The meeting discussed on Monday the establishment of a MOH Communication Center, its objectives and tasks, as well as linking it with the regions.
The Director-General of Emergency Medicine and Chairman of Field Medicine Committee at the Ministry of Health (MOH), Dr. Tariq Al-Arnous, said that the meeting handled the life-saving cases, supporting regions among each other in cases admissions, as well as the current situation for Emergency Team, Intensive Care, and  the rare specialties.
He added that the meeting considers the mechanisms of the immediate call upon the occurrence of the event (initial - up - final) with the strengthening the relationship with the concerned authorities (Civil Defense, Red Crescent, other health sectors), in addition to  the activities of emergency departments, in terms of  updating emergency plans, rehearsals, and biannual reports.
Dr. Al-Arnous indicated that the meeting also discussed the Training and Continuing Education for the staff of Emergency Department, the current situation of Emergency and Crisis Departments, the obstacles and suggestions of solutions, video call, hotline, means of communication, in addition to activating the positions of Assistants Directors of Emergency Departments (their role, and means to contact them) ,as well as reporting the daily events.

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