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Al-Jouf: Quarter Million Patients Served by Healthcare Centers in 3 Months
24 April 2019

​​​According to a recent statistical data disseminated by Al-Jouf Health Affairs, over the first quarter of this year (2019), the general clinics served 253,716 patients. The Affairs features 43 healthcare centers across 4 sectors, including Sakaka sector, Domat Al-Jandal sector, Tabarjal sector and Suwair sector.

The healthcare centers are currently witnessing remarkable development in their health services. The region's centers feature 6 consultation clinics operating by family doctors, internists, gynecologists and pediatricians to alleviate the burden of waiting at hospitals and emergency sections. Also, a number of departments and programs have been inaugurated and developed at the health centers such as: pre-employment screening program, HIV screening program for pregnant women and comprehensive counseling program. In addition, health education clinics have been activated to organize health weeks and awareness exhibitions in cooperation with the partners, as well as visiting different sectors such as schools and public institutions. 

There are 7 on-duty centers providing their services to patients during off-duty hours to relieve pressure on the emergency sections and reduce waiting time for clod (non-emergency) cases. Some of these centers provide their services 24/7, namely: Alnabek Abuqasr Center and Al-Matar Center. Other Centers provide their services 16 hours a day, namely: Hadraj Center, Aldeaija Center, Fayyadh Tabarjal Center, Qara1 Center and Khawa Center. Also, Al-Mukhatat Center operates 16 hours on Fridays and Saturdays.   

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